Welcome to the Future home of The First Annual Caribbean International Codefest (GEEKS ON THE BEACH)

Not sure exactly WHAT a Codefest is? Click here.

Apple, Facebook, Google... these are companies that have opened up their ecosystems and essentially outsourced innovation to the masses. They have hundreds of thousands of developers and others building products for them on spec. Think about it. Their developer communities are massive.

In that sense, a codefest is a microcosm of that scenario. Companies can bring in their SDKs and APIs (or even problems they might want solved with technology) along with a few prizes and allow third parties to look at their business and products through a new lens, creating things perhaps their own people would never have even dreamed of. It's the way of the future.

And we are bringing that future to the Caribbean.

Coding for Good? Hacking for Innovation? Yes, creatives, developers, coders, and entrepreneurs get together, get creative and get to build cool stuff - that's what a Codefest is all about.

We give them APIs, SDKs and data and challenge them to code/design/engineer/make and break for 48 hours, building their own prototype solutions or ideas.

It's very simple. We love what we do. And more importantly...


We will bring down some of the world's top developers and creative minds from Silicon Valley, London, NYC, and Amsterdam to compete head to head and challenge the Caribbean talent pool of top coders, graphic designers, app developers and creatives from many islands. And we will engage the youth of Curacao, introducing them to this world. First Curacao, then... 2015? Barbados? Bahamas?

In 5 years, 85% of large companies will have API programs - enterprise-grade respondents were adamant about establishing API programs for developers. In fact, more than 43 percent of respondents said their organization already has an API program. A further 27 percent told Layer 7 that a program is scheduled to launch at their company within a year.

Top Application developers earn an average of $75,000 a year - globally topping most doctors, lawyers, scientists and graphic designers, according to this Application Developers Alliance infographic. The typical developer is a 33-year-old, well-educated North American male, data show, working in a mobile-app market that is expected to bloom to $46 billion by 2016.


Richard Kastelein (Linkedin), founder of The Hackfest London and San Francisco - www.the-hackfest.com and www.hackfest.tv and former resident of Sint Maarten for ten years.

For more information contact Richard Kastelein - expathos@gmail.com or Tel: +31 6 39583979